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Coming Summer 2016 

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NINE Theatricals will be producing HAMLET by William Shakespeare in July 2016

Our Production includes the addition of
a new character along with
special audio-visual techniques

Matt deRogatis as Hamlet

 Performance dates are

Wed Thur & Fri  July 13h, 14th and 15th at 8pm
Saturday July 16th at 3pm and 8pm
Sunday July 17th at 3pm

Wed Thur & Fri July 20th, 21st and 22nd - 8pm
Saturday July 23rd at 3pm and 8pm
Sunday July 24thth at 3pm

Regular Price Tickets $18.00
Tickets may be purchase at

For More Information, go to

Info On Our Specially Priced
Bus Trip/Theater Tickets
From Freehold, New Jersey
To The Saturday July 16th 3pm Matinee
Reserve Now To Avoid Disappointment
Tickets are $40 for bus and show.
Must be paid in advance.
Call Fran Raleigh for Reservations
732-946-4921 or 732-447-5169

All performances will be at the 13th Street Repertory Company Theater between 5th & 6th Aves in New York City. 

Coming Fall 2016

The Trial of Abraham Hunt
An American Christmas Story
by Michael A. Davis

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NINE Theatricals is looking forward to
producing this very exciting historical story. 
We are seeking people to assist in the producting both on and off stage.
Please contact Bob Lamb directly
for more information. 
Bob can be reached at

On Christmas night 1776 the American Revolution could have died on Abraham Hunt's doorstep. As George Washington was crossing the Delaware for his attack on Trenton, Hunt, a newly-avowed Loyalist was hosting a Christmas party for the enemy. Hunt could have pulled the pin on America's precarious struggle for independece, yet didn't. Was Washington extremely lucky, or was something more profound taking place that Christmas night?

Culled from historical events and a recently discovered document, The Trial of Abraham Hunt is an intriguing tale about how close America came to not becoming a nation. 

 NINE Theatricals
Continues To Perform At Libraries and
Senior Citizen Venues
Throughout New Jersey

Volunteers Are Always
Needed & Welcome!

We've expanded our group and are continuing to recruit more theatre enthusiasts who want to direct, produce, act and help "behind-the-scenes." If you'd like to volunteer in any capacity please contact Bob Lamb by calling 732-462-4329



Coming In 2016


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The Trial of
Abraham Hunt
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